Offering service


 Dialogue teacher and student.

Student: Good evening, Mr. Budi 

Teacher: Good evening. You didn’t go home yet, Javier? 

Student: I just finished my student council meeting, Sir. By the way, where do you want to go with those books? 

Teacher: Oh, these are homework books from class 2 and I want to bring them to the office .

Student: Can I help you to bring some of them, Sir? It’s looks so heavy for you to bring alone .

Teacher: Of course, Javier. Thank you for your help, anyway .

Dialog 3 antara petugas loket dengan calon penumpang

Officer: Can I help you, Sir? 

Passenger: I think I have problem with my flight, Sir.

Officer: What kind of problem, Sir? Maybe I can help you .

Passenger: I bought a plane ticket for flight next week, but my schedule changed and I must take a flight two days after today. I don’t want my ticket wasted, but I really must to go at the new scheduled time .

Officer: I see. I can help you to change the time of your flight, Sir. Do you mind it? .

Passenger: So I don’t need to buy a new ticket? .

Officer: It’s no needed, Sir. You can just give me your booking code and your identition card, then I will help to proceed it .

Passenger: Thank you so much, Sir! I’m glad that my ticket won’t go waste (A: Do you have a problem with your car, Madame? I saw you stop your car suddenly 

B: Yes, I think so, Sir. I was driving this car then I saw smoke out from the front part. I’m worried that this car will break down so I went to the side and stop 

A: Did your car ever broke down lately, or give a bad signs?

B: I didn’t realize anything until today, and I don’t understand anything about car so I’m not

     really sure .

A: Wouldn’t you mind if I see your car? Actually I’m a mechanic, maybe I can give some help 

B: Oh, really? No, of course I wouldn’t mind it. I’ll really be grateful if you can help me 

 Dialogue  Offering Help
Tania works at a bus agent located at Arjosari terminal. A stranger is walking approaching her bringing a suitcase.

TANIA: Hello, Sir. May I help you? Where’s your destination?
STRANGER: Yes. I need to go to Jakarta. How long will it take from this bus station? Is this Arjosari station?
TANIA: Yes. This is Arjosari bus station. It takes about 22 hours from here to Jakarta.
STRANGER: What time will it leave?
TANIA: It will leave at 02.30 p.m. So, you just need to wait for 45 minutes.
STRANGER: Do I have to change buses after arriving in Jakarta?
TANIA: After arriving in Lebak Bulus Terminal, you have a lot of options to reach your final destination. You can get in a ‘Trans Jakarta’ bus, metro mini, bajaj, taxi as well as ojek. You can ask the bus driver there.
STRANGER: Thank you. I will buy the bus ticket, then.
TANIA: Wait a moment, please, I’ll process it quickly.

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