Passive voice atau kalimat pasif merupakan kalimat dimana subjek pada kalimat tersebut menerima aksi bukan melakukan aksi.

Example (Contoh)

ActiveMy parents plant some flowers
(Pelaku aksi)
PassiveSome flowers are planted by my parents
(Penerima aksi)

Forming Passive Voice

Present SimpleIS/AM/ARE + V3The painting is made by her.
Present ContinuousIS/AM/ARE + BEING + V3The book is being sent right now
Present perfectHAVE/HAS + BEEN + V3The copyrights of the book have been sold
Past SimpleWAS/WARE + V3He was invited by Carla
Past ContinuousWAS/WARE + BEING + V3Their bikes were being washed while they were running in the park.
Past PerfectHAD + BEEN + V3All the employees had been hired before the school started.
Simple FutureWILL/SHALL + BE + V3A contract will be signed by her

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